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Introductory part here:

Ayu/Riez here, A Johnny's Junior centric Fangirl. yoroshiku ne!
This is my favorite group. MIS SNOW MAN.

Although this Journal may not look like I love YA-YA-YAH~
YA-YA-yah is still the best thing happened in my Fandom. I love Ya-Ya-yah no matter what.

[extra notes]

Pretty obvious that my bias are the three guys on the right side of screen.
But, I LOVE ALL OF THEM. and I am sure it.
I'm still waiting for these 8 guys to be reunited...
I mean I'm waiting them to comeback. as in become

Snow Man/ Mis Snow Man

My Ichiban is Iwamoto Hikaru.(Iwamoto Hikaru).
He looks scary but he's really adorable.

My Niban and
Sanban is Fukazawa Tatsuya and Watanabe Shota.
yellow is hard too see for a white background..>____<"

Fukka/ Tatsuya my Snow Man Niban~probably among both debuted and non-debuted talents.
I find Fukka interesting~ Why on earth a guy would always drag someone along with him in the bathroom.
Why his groupmates see him as "easy to make laugh" or the "one who easily gets sad" as well.
at SanaPi's Benbu Blog~ He defined Fukka as the one who loves the members of the group so much and I find it wonderful and sweet.
Even though He is the oldest he acts like the youngest? but at times he can be the Onii-chan(atleast in my perspective?).
Fukka is amazing and wonderful no matter how I put it into words.

I find Fukka as my real idol while Hikaru as my crush.(*/∇\*)
(as if the difference is not the same atleast in my perspective).
Fukka is a person I idolized and so on as Hikaru but the difference might be~
I see Hikaru as ummm...eto...I like as in like...*does that makes sense?*
although I said I really like  Ayukawa Taiyou, the level I like Hikaru levels with that. (is this a diary? Why am I explaining too much...XD)
Hikaru is someone who deserves to be admired~He's matured and level headed.♥
Why Level-headed? I can't say that it's from my side of opinion~
Hikaru is the leader type in Mis Snow Man/ Snow Man even though he's one of the youngest in the group.
Also, he explains what he wanted to do~ that part I see it level-headed.
He's the type that he knows what he wanted and what he should do to capture it.
I find it WONDERFUL. No words can be conveyed on how I admire him bec. of that~

Shota is someone I idolized too~
But more than that I treasure Shota so much? as in a special person. Maybe bec. I see Shota as myself~
but at times only~ We almost share the same date of birth only the date not the year. (─‿‿─)
mine is day before his~a day after Nishikido Ryo of Kanjani8 and ex-NEWS member.
Why I treasure Shota? I wonder too? maybe bec. of the fact about our birthdays~
and his color coding~ our favorite colors? mah! I don't know how to explain~
Shota is loud and I often read about that fact but He is someone you'll be glad to become friends~
(SanaPi mentioned that; Also He said life is boring without Shota~something like that).
Shota is CLEANFREAK type that is completely opposite of ME...<( ̄︶ ̄)> (proud? I'm messy with things and I'm fine with it.XDD)
Beside of him being loud, cleanfreak~ he's smart too~
(SanaPi said that~ chotto matte!!!! Why am I keep on saying SanaPi here?..XDD
It's bec. after Hikaru, Fukka and Shota~ SanaPi is my next bias, my Yonban..Ü and that's the truth. My top 4 bias is all from Mis Snow Man~).

Honestly, I can't really rank those 3~ Hikaru, Fukka and Shota.
I love these 3-nin and that's that. Maybe I just rank them bec. I needed to know who are much important?
But! it doesn't really make sense at all~ can't a FAN love all their IDOL equally?
but the thing never exist! THERE'S ALWAYS ON TOP OF THEM NO MATTER WHAT I SAY...☆ ̄(>。☆)

~maybe the long explanation should end here~♥

I'm obviously a Janizu Junior bias but I love debuted Janizu talent too.
I am a fan of
MIS SNOW MAN but currently the boys were not together anymore;
Sanada Yuma and Nozawa Yuki are now called "noon boyz."
While the 6 members are now called, SNOW MAN; composed of:
Fukazawa Tatsuya, Sakuma Daisuke, Watanabe Shota, Miyadate Ryota, Iwamoto Hikaru and Abe Ryohei.

I am watching Snow Man and noon boyz from afar~ I wish I would see these boys debut~

Among DebutedI listen mainly to: NEWS, TegoMasu, KAT-TUN, Hey! Say! JUMP and KiS-My-Ft2.
But I can't deny that I am not the updated fan actually.
Also, I can't deny that I listen to: NYC,
V6, Kanjani8, Sexy Zone, ABC-Z, Yamashita Tomohisa, SMAP,
Kinki Kids, Arashi, Akanishi Jin and Tackey & Tsubasa.

I am focus on Japanese Fandom and that's all I can say.♥

I guess that's all for a while~


MIS SNOW MAN will always be 8...


credits on MiS-SNOW MAN Community and the rightful owners

I've been ranting about this for months now,
I know I'm being unreasonable.
But I'm just a human and a fangirl who wants a good news about my FAVORITE GROUP that's all.

As you can see the watermarks....
Since all the fans have been waiting for an announcement about these boys for so long...
or rather... I've been waiting a news about these boys for so long.

Abe cameback already and I think the group deserves to be reunited too.
not with 6 persons but 8 persons..
*but 9 wasn't bad too*

I'll leave it like that for a while before I start stressing myself or turn more pathetic.



credits on the rightful owner/s

My current favorite unit~ existing unit in Johnnys.
Since Mis Snow Man was already gone(even though it still exist in a hard-headed fan like me)~ and noon boyz
( Sanada Yuma and Nozawa Yuki) separated from them~ I don't want to explain anymore...(╥﹏╥)

I love both unit but I can't help it but look at SNOW MAN more than NOON BOYZ bec. ALL MY CRAZINESS GOES TO THE 3 IN THE 6 MEMBER GROUP. Demo! that doesn't mean I don't love the remaining 3~ I love all the members of SNOW MAN no matter what happens.

I was shocked about the group~
I thought the symmetry would stay as it is but apparently it didn't!
The symmetry now is by age (it could be by height too, but its doesn't make sense! bec. MiyaFuka same height but they're not partners~)

the symmetry now:
Fukazawa Tatsuya - Sakuma Daisuke
Watanabe Shota - Miyadate Ryota
Iwamoto Hikaru - Abe Ryohei

But, I hope I was wrong on seeing it like that~ but it doesn't help no matter what I see it bec. of
watching TakkiCHANnel and came into that conclusion. Even though I didn't expect that~
The symmetry is better that way, Since Sakuma is better paired to Fukka 'coz if Fukka was partnered to Miyadate~
I would be lonely that Shota is partnered to someone else~
But! I'm also sad bec. IwaFuka is not paired anymore in dancing...╥﹏╥
AbeKuma is a cute tandem too!!!! ╥﹏╥ (gomen ne for being unreasonable)
Besides~ Hikaru is the tallest and better partnered into the second tallest, right?
MiyaSho why is that even though everything changes these 2 can't be separated? Since Kindergarten you've been together~
A match in heaven? Ü
KumaFuka obaka to obaka?XDDD what a cute pairing~ the baka pair?
I wonder if the room order are also different now?*wonders*

~that's all for today

Boys In Shadow

Boys In Shadow

credits on the rightful owner/s

I had finished my new BANNER.
due to my slight bitterness on this event.

It is B.I. Shadow centric.
the Lucky 4 of Boys In Shadow.

Few months ago it was announced that Nakajima Kento and Kikuchi Fuma
will be on another JUNIOR GROUP named, "SE
Most of the fans thought that it was only a junior group since it was stated that the 2 will
continue their work with their previous group called, "
B.I. Shadow."

Shikashi! I realized that sexy zone had debuted leaving Matsumura Hokuto and Kouchi Yugo.
Today the 2 had been ungrouped ever since the the debut of sexy zone.
It's painful for a fan to see them separated, but the only I could do is believe...
that some of these days Hokuto and Kouchi will debut too.♥Ü♥

~la la la la li la la la la LUCKY 4